February 24, 2012

Master of Arts in Historic Preservation at Goucher Collge

Feb. 24, 2012

Hello, readers! Read on to find out more about Goucher College's Master of Arts in Historic Preservation program, which is the nation's first limited residency graduate program in the field.

"Goucher College’s Master of Arts in Historic Preservation (MAHP) program reflects the breadth of historic preservation itself. Our students are drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds-from architects, planners, historians, and nonprofit administrators already professionally involved in historic preservation to teachers, contractors, archeologists, developers, community volunteers and others with a deep interest in working in the field.

Serving as tutors and mentors rather than traditional lecturers, our faculty meets face-to-face with students during annual summer session held on Goucher’s campus. Throughout the course of the academic year, they maintain close contact with students utilizing online, interactive classrooms and as well as other forms of written and verbal communication.

Our limited-residency structure means that wherever you are, you’ll have the attention of top professionals from around the nation. For more information about the MAHP program, please visit www.goucher.edu/mahp."